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"Don't You Worry
About the Fall"


a reflection on the cycles and phases we all have to go through to shape who we are


Special thanks to Bryan Daste

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Don't You Worry About the Fall Single Cover Artwork

kelli caldwell

kelli caldwell single cover

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Dirty Summer

Copyright © 2011 Kelli Caldwell


Texte alternatif


[There's a] Crackling in the distance
And the bare scream of a Piccolo Pete
And wafting on a warm breeze
The hint of sulphur burn


Cackling in the distance
The mothers gossip, though they “never do”
And teasing on a warm breeze
The smoky scent of hickory


Chorus 1:
I dig in the dirt with a stick I carved
From the willow tree in our backyard
Stripped, green, flimsy roaster
No matter, no mallows, no memories made
Not tonight, girl... Not tonight, girl...

You’d better stay in my sight
You’d better stay in my sight


Cracking in the distance
From a baseball bat and they’re cheering some kid home
And sweetening the warm breeze
The whiff of roasted corn


Crashing, not so distant
And the dog runs out... that familiar screen-door slam
And reaching through the warm breeze
Fermented beer molding in the bottom of can after can after can after can after can after can after...


Chorus 2:
I dig in the dirt with my bare toe
That I stubbed on a burl in our backyard
Bruised, black, cautiously aware
So sorry, so secret, so someone else's fault
Not tonight, girl... Not tonight, girl...

You’d better stay in my sight
You’d better stay in my sight


Summer comes and goes, they say
Faster than the fall
But I don’t see it any more
I just hear it crawl-- I just hear it crawl


Chorus 3:
I dig in the dirt with my last nail
Then I chew it and I spit it in our backyard
Ripped, raw, quick exposure/cutting to the quick
Be quiet, be careful, be anywhere else
Now tonight, girl... Now tonight, girl...

You'd better not cry this time


I dig in the dirt with a stick I carved
From the willow tree in our backyard
Stripped, raw, cautiously aware


Lyric notes: started out as a writing exploration of sound and smell. It can be surprising sometimes, as the writer, to find out what the story's going to be about. Not autobiographical, but abuse of children is a very big and real problem in our world and I'd love to help raise awareness about it.


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Gil Renolds Trio playing "Fly Away" written by Gil Reynolds & Kelli Caldwell


Anna Jane Bishop singing "Romeo" written by Brent Rogers & Kelli Caldwell - 2014 Artists in Music Awards Honorable Mention



New song released!

Don't You Worry About the Fall

Produced, mixed, and masterfully played by Bryan Daste at Dream Tree Studios NW in Portland, OR


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